Embracing Sensuality

TantraWe’re being cheated out of the richness of life every day, but we’re so used to it we don’t even realize it’s happening. However we feel it. That’s why we turn to addictions, zone out in front of the computer or TV, or try to accumulate enough money to try and buy our way to happiness.

The reality is that what really makes us happy is easy, free, and natural. It’s as simple as reconnecting with the profoundly ecstatic experience of being alive in paradise right now. There are hundreds of different wonderful tantric paths but the benefits and the lifestyle of tantra are easy for anyone to dive right into without all language, complicated exercises, or insider jargon of the esoteric tantric teachings.

This profound, natural path is deep engagement with the beauty, magic, and wonder of life, including ourselves. So rather than transcendence, I teach embodiment in delicious, all-encompassing ways. It includes nature, the body, and how we interact with all of life – and each other – in the most loving, honoring ways.

I invite people to journey into the sensual, spiritual realms of life. Over the years I’ve developed a wide variety of easy tools that help people innocently and openly explore this world, their own bodies, and how connected we are to everything. My book, “Nature Whispering,” as well as my online and live “playshops” help people who want to have a richer experience of life expand into more happiness, wonder, and awe.

The benefits are deeply tranformative. Profound physical changes in the body and brain happen naturally when you cultivate beauty, pleasure, connection, and positivity. Leading brain research now shows definitive proof that what we focus upon expands. This happens through the hormonal and chemical balance in the body as well as the neuronal pathways in the brain itself.

In simple terms, we are physically “wired” for a certain experience of life by the emotional and mental state we are most often in. The more we experience love, bliss, ecstasy, happiness, and awe, the more our lives move in that direction in every way. Conversely, the more we struggle, effort, suffer, despair, and worry, the more our lives trend toward that.

People look younger and more radiant when they live a tantric lifestyle, they also experience more abundance and happier relationships. Life takes on the enchanted feeling of a wonderful, friendly dream.

The difference in how life feels is as dramatic as night and day. I believe it’s how we’re meant to live and that we’ve been missing out on the richness available to use by following the cultural myth of seeking happiness through struggle, effort, and competition. Reclaiming the deliciously sensual experience of life is a powerful way to set ourselves free and enjoy vibrant, authentic lives.