Masaru Emoto – The Power of Intention

There is real magic in the power of our thoughts. This is not airy-fairy New Age stuff. Nor is based on any religious tradition. In fact, science is proving that the thoughts we think about something dramatically alter its physical structure.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has been doing amazing work recording the effects of energy on water. He photographed the crystal structure of water before and after being labeled with words relating to various aspects of life. Water samples exposed to hateful words like “I hate you” or “you make me sick” took on random, unattractive appearances.Water that was exposed to words like “love”, “thank you”, or “peace” changed to beautiful, crystalline structures much like elaborate snowflakes.

Masaru Emoto water crystalsWater makes up 70% of the planet – including our bodies and the food we eat. If thought can affect water so much, imagine what it can do in our lives.

Nature Whispering Tip: Bless the World with your Radiant Gratitude

One sure way to cultivate happiness is to give. Venture out into nature as a being of pure love on a healing mission. Embrace the mysterious power we have as humans to change the structure of physical reality by radiating blessings and gratitude.